Conquer worlds and high scores with our thoughtfully crafted controller, enhancing every game thanks to its precise, responsive feedback, a touchpad for new dimensions of gameplay and 15 buttons to mash as you please. When you need a multiplayer fix, head online or connect up to four of these bad boys and let the games begin.

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OUYA Official Controller

The official OUYA controllers are wireless (Bluetooth) and powered by 2 AA batteries. Up to 4 controllers can be connected to an OUYA console at one time.


  • Two analog joysticks, each with their own “button” (i.e. L3 + R3)
  • A D-Pad
  • Four face buttons (labeled O, U, Y, and A)
  • Two digital shoulder buttons (L1 + R1)
  • Two analog triggers (L2 + R2)
  • A menu button (to open the OUYA menu at any time during a game)
  • A touchpad (to mimic mouse/touch controls or to be used in games)
  • Player LED indicators (so you know which player a connected controller is set to)

A Note on Hardware


If you plan to use your Ouya's Web browser* a lot, I suggest you pair a Bluetooth keyboard to your box; this makes everything easier. To do so, go to Manage > System > Advanced > Bluetooth, move once to the right, and pick Search for Devices. You'll be able to see Bluetooth mice and keyboards that you've put into pairing mode.

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How-To install Firefox for OUYA

*We recommend using default browser to download Firefox browser for Ouya. Firefox works so much better than any other brower for Ouya. once you've downloaded and installed Firefox you do not need to use default browser again. 

OUYA Alternative Game Controllers

PlayStation3 Controller

The good news is that it is actually pretty easy to pair the PlayStation DualShock 3 wireless controller from the PS3 to your Ouya game console. The process is somewhat similar to pairing your DS3 controller to your PS3, except there are some little quirks that make pairing to the Ouya a little different.

Turn on the Ouya.

  1. Plug in the PS3 controller using a miniUSB cable to the full size USB port on the back of the Ouya.
  2. Assuming you’re on the newest firmware, the Ouya should recognize it as a controller.
  3. Test the controller in the menus to make sure it works.
  4. Double tap the PS button to return to the home screen.
  5. You are now set up to use the PS3 controller in wired mode.
  6. For Bluetooth mode, turn off the Ouya by holding the power button for 5 seconds.
  7. Remove the USB cable from both the Ouya and the PS3 controller.
  8. Turn the Ouya back on and wait for the controller to connect. This should happen pretty quickly.

And that’s it… when it works. The DualShock 3 is not going to be compatible with every game on the Ouya, but it works great with Shadowgun (better than the Ouya controller), for example. The other hiccup is that the PS3 controller might not turn itself off when you turn off the Ouya, so you’ll need to hold the PS button to do that separately.


XBOX 360 Controller

The PS3/Xbox 360 controller should now work exactly the same as an OUYA controller. It even shows up in the pairing screen as an OUYA controller and games should work exactly with the PS3 controller as they work with an OUYA controller (minus touch pad capability).

1) Ouya: Plug it in (must be wired)

2) Pair the controller using the directions on the screen

3) Unplug it; turn off the OUYA and turn it on again

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XBMC Remote Controls
Smart Phone and Tablets

Available Platforms:


iOS (Apple)


XBMC Remote for Android phones and tablets:

This XBMC remote for Android is an open source, full-featured remote for XBMC OUYA. It features library browsing, direct remote control and a slick interface.

iOS (Apple Devices)

XBMC Remote for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad:

Official XBMC Remote is a full-featured remote control for XBMC, featuring library browsing, now playing information and a direct remote control.

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