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StreamHUB® Android Applications for Premium TV shows and Movies

We've made it easy to download your favorite applications. StreamHUB® Android applications bundle pack takes the latest and greatest developers and code writers and gives them a place to share, collaborate and get recognized for their great applications for Android TV an movies. 
All apps are compatible with Android tablets, cell phones, Amazon fireTV and fireTV stick, Chromecast and Smart TVs (Samsung and LG Smart TVs)
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Consider this a new era in how you will search for and download all the very best applications for Live Sports, movies and TV shows in HD commercial free!
So far we have gotten the creators for the apps listed below but as time goes more and more apps will be added. When you make your transaction today, you will be emailed with updates and links to downloading other new apps and updates totally free. As time goes you can count on us to give you what you need and without hassle or headache. We work directly with the developers and creators to StreamHUB® your ability to stay up-to-date and keep you doing what you enjoy, streaming TV, movies, live sports, music, games and more!

Apps so far include the latest updates for all applications

More coming soon and you will be notified when to download newest added apps and updates.


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Disclaimer:  we do not host any of files listed here we're merely held for developers to post their newest build versions of premium applications. Consider your transaction a donation and not to purchase
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OUYA doesn't make it obvious how to install apps from anywhere other than its own store, because only OUYA's apps are optimized for OUYA's controller. The company can guarantee that everything in its store will run well on an OUYA. With other apps, they might not run properly or be 100% compatible with OUYA.

Sideloading Apps (the easy way)

  1. From the home screen, go to Make > Software > Browser
  2. Do a standard search or URL to download an android app APK
  3. Once the file is downloaded, go back to the home screen, then Manage > System > Advanced
  4. You'll go to the default android settings menu. Go to Storage > Downloads
  5. Select the APK that was downloaded and accept the installation dialog box
  6. The installed APK will appear in Make > Software

Sideload the easy way using cloud based file services

Sideload these apps first

Watch these how to videos showing you how to install various apps for OUYA

Firefox browser for OUYA


Aptoide App Market for OUYA

Visit our MAKE page for all the download links to these apps and more

Game ROM Buddy
(must have app for OUYA)

FireFoxBrowser for OUYA (Recommended)

This is a custom build of Firefox for Android that works great for OUYA. The default browser just isn't good enough for what we plan to do here. Getting the most out of your OUYA is the smartest idea since buying the OUYA. So let's get started the right way and install Firefox for OUYA. We are Your-All-In-One Media Source, we make OUYA Simplified.

Aptoide App Store (Recommended)

Aptoide is an Android application that let you browse and install software from many different stores. If you have an Android device (smartphone, tablet,..) you can freely use Aptoide to install applications from different sources.


Install the best Applications;

Choose from multiple stores.

Amazon App Store

If you plan to use your OUYA's Web browser a lot, I suggest you pair a Bluetooth keyboard to your box; this makes everything easier. To do so, go to Manage > System > Advanced > Bluetooth, move once to the right, and pick Search for Devices. You'll be able to see Bluetooth mice and keyboards that you've put into pairing mode.

Amazon Appstore

You can download the Amazon Appstore directly onto your Ouya. To get the Appstore, go to Make > Software > Browser and press the "Y" button to get the status bar.

Send the Ouya's browser to:

Wait a minute or two for the file to download.

Hit the Ouya button to pop up the menu, scroll down to Exit Browser, and hit O.

Go to Manage > System > Advanced > Storage > Downloads.

Click on icon labeled "AmazonApps" and hit O. Choose OK, and Install.

You can now launch the Amazon Appstore from Make > Software.

If you choose and download apps, they'll auto-install. You can find the games you've downloaded in Make > Software.

Of course, you can't guarantee that any Amazon apps will work with the OUYA's screen format or controller. Amazon's Free Game of the Day, Open Sea, for instance, opened in a small portrait-mode window on the screen, although I could play it with the touchpad on the OUYA controller.

Google Play and Other Sources

You can't legally load Google Play onto an OUYA. To use games from Google Play, you'll have to download them onto a Google Play-certified phone or tablet, extract them onto a PC, and then transfer them to the Ouya.

To do so, you need a file manager for the OUYA.

Go to Make > Software > Browser.

Hit the "Y" button to get the status bar, and type

and hit O.

Hit the Ouya button to pop up the menu, scroll down to Exit Browser, and hit O.

Go to Manage > System > Advanced > Storage > Downloads.

Click on OUYA-FileManager and hit O. Choose OK, and Install.

Your Ouya now has a file manager. You can find it in Make > Software.

Now you need to get the APK files for the games or apps you want.


Now, on your Ouya, launch Astro File Manager from Make > Software. Click Manage My Files, and then pick your APK from the list that appears. You should get an option to install your file.

BlapkMarket App Store


there is and Alternative...


All Android app for FREE

USB Flash Drive

Use the USB port for the OUYA to backup and restore. You can also add and install applications with many different USB style external memory flash drives.